Spa treatment


Spa treatment at the great thermal baths of La Bourboule

The proximity of the Grands Thermes de la Bourboule allows us to offer you our accommodation for your spa treatment.

The great thermal baths of La Bourboule are specialized in the treatment of the respiratory tract and in Dermatology

On medical prescription, the Grands Thermes de La Bourboule provide care for the treatment of asthma, respiratory allergies and skin allergies. like psoriasis.

The Building is currently benefiting from renovation and embellishment work, however, the spa treatments remain open.

Spa treatment booking

The thermal cure being a conventional care,remember to book your cure first to know the dates of your stay.

A cure lasts 20 days and often occupies a morning or afternoon slot. It would be wise to plan other activities during your stay. You can consult the information in the section around the hotel to get ideas for visits.

Spa treatment accommodation

We offer specific rates for a cure stay with different services:

  • Room and breakfast
  • Room, breakfast and dinner (half board) Catering is offered by a partner restaurant in La Bourboule
  • Room, breakfast, lunch and dinner

For a quote and booking details, contact us.